To Love God and to Love People


The church is not a building. It's people. The government of Quartz Hill Community Church is vested in the body of believers who compose it. It is subject to no other ecclesiastical body, but it recognizes and sustains obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation which are common among New Testament churches of like faith and order. Quartz Hill Community Church is a cooperating member of the Southern Baptist Convention and the High Desert Baptist Association.

Quartz Hill Community Church desires to be a dynamic spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with as many people as possible in our church, community, and throughout the world; it seeks to be a worshipping fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing his person, and responding in obedience to his leadership; it wants to experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers; it wants to help people experience a growing knowledge of God and humanity; it wants to be a church that ministers unselfishly to persons in the community and world in Jesus' name; and it wants to be a church whose purpose is to be Christlike in its daily living, emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the lordship of Christ.

What We Are.

To briefly summarize, this is what we are.

  • Family oriented.
  • Informal.
  • Grounded in Biblical Christianity.
  • Haven for those hurt elsewhere.
  • Science friendly.
  • Small Southern Baptist church.

What We Believe.

You are welcome to look over the doctrinal statement we share with our school, Quartz Hill School of Theology. Though not long, it gives a complete exposition of what we believe. The list below is a summary of our beliefs.

  • The Bible is God's Word.
  • Jesus is God who came to earth as a human.
  • Jesus came to lead us to God.
  • Jesus died and rose on the third day.
  • We are called to love God and love people.

Why Southern Baptist?

As a Southern Baptist church we are closely affliated with our local High Desert Baptist Association. We are also associated with the California Southern Baptist Convention. Southern Baptist churches are independently run. That means there will never be a large organization telling us what to do. We like that.

We choose to be Southern Baptist so we can pool our resources to reach out to the world. Southern Baptists have one of the largest overseas missions organizations in the world. In addition Southern Baptists reach out to local communities. In times of disaster there are almost always Southern Baptist workers feeding and housing the homeless and helping people clean up and rebuild. We like being partners with those who do so much for others.