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The Finances at Quartz Hill Community Church

Status for March 2017

March general income was $4,364. We are generally in a good place. That income was slightly below our current monthly budget of $4,838. Income fluctuations are normal, however. General expenses were much higher than budget (and than recent history) at $6,759. The net effect is our General Fund balance fell for the first time in a long time. The net fall was $2,395 but our balance remains high at $34,903. The primary cause of the high expenses was the down payment of nearly $3,500 for the new chairs for our auditorium. We also received $25 for Project Hydrate. The 2017 year-to-date report can be seen by following the 2017 link below. The $50 shown as the Temporary Fund balance on that YTD report is the Project Hydrate money.

Detailed Reports


Reports submitted by Eric Miller, QHCC Treasurer.

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