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Selected Testaments

The testamentary literature found among the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha serve, on the whole, the simple function of encouraging the hearer and reader. In brief, these documents are hortatory sermons aimed at helping those who are the "spiritual heirs" of the patriarch (for these testaments generally stem from someone writing in the name of a famous patriarch like Judah or Abraham or Adam). These testaments purport to be just what their name implies- a "last will and testament" and thus are read as such by both their ancient and modern purveyors.

These testaments were written in a variety of languages and translated into such languages as Syriac, Ethiopic, Greek and Latin. They differ from the Apocalypses we have already discussed in that they are not veiled in allegorical language. They are simple sermons.

An excellent resource for the Testamentary literature is found at the web page:

Wesley Center Online: Noncanonical Literature - Old Testament Pseudepigrapha


Read Charlesworth, vol 1, pp 773-995.

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