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Lesson 21: Plural Nouns in the Construct State


the songs of Solomon    שִׁירֵי שְׁלֹמֹה
the horses of the king    סוּסֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ
the hands of the queen    יְדֵי הַמַּלְכָּה
the life of the people    חַיֵּי הָעַם
the children of Israel    בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל
the face of the prophet    פְּנֵי הַנָּבִיא
the eyes of Rachael    עֵינֵי רָחֵל
the ears of the lads    אָזְנֵי הַנְּעָרִים
the feet of the horse    רַגְלֵי הַסּוּס

The absolute plural ending ים ִ is changed to י ֵ in the masculine plural construct. There is no change in the construct form of the feminine plural.


Please read pages 179-181 in Biblical Hebrew Step-by-Step.


1. Memorize the vocabulary and paradigms.

2. Do the Exercises on pages 181-182.

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