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Lesson 17: Declension of Masculine Plural Nouns


door (f)דֶּלֶת
heart, mind    לֵב
to commandצָוָה
to returnשׁוּב

Pronominal Suffixes Attached to Masculine Plural Nouns

Notice the difference between the way the pronouns are attached to the singular nouns, which you've already memorized, versus the way they attach to the masculine plural form of the noun.

‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍
Person    Plural     ‍Singular
“his horses”‍ ‍3ms‍ סוּסָיו סוּסוֹ
“her horses”‍ ‍3fs‍ סוּסֶיהָ סוּסָהּ
“your horses”‍ ‍2ms‍ סוּסֶיךָ סוּסְךָ
“your horses”‍‍ ‍2fs‍‍ סוּסַיִךְ‍ סוּסֵךְ
“my horses”‍‍ ‍1cs‍‍ סוּסַי‍ סוּסִי
“their horses”‍‍ ‍3mp‍‍ סוּסֵיהֶם‍ סוּסָם
“their horses”‍‍ ‍3fp‍‍ סוּסֵיהֶן‍ סוּסָן
“your horses”‍‍ ‍2mp‍‍ סוּסֵיכֶם‍ סוּסְכֶם
“your horses”‍‍ ‍2fp‍‍ סוּסֵיכֶן‍ סוּסְכֶן
“our horses”‍‍ ‍1cp‍‍ סוּסֵינוּ‍ סוּסֵנוּ


Please read pages 143-145 in Biblical Hebrew Step-by-Step.


1. Memorize the vocabulary and paradigms.

2. Do the Exercises on pages 145-146.

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