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Lesson 10: Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives


Translation     Hebrew
to hear שָׁמַע
to take לָקַח
to do, make     עָשָׂה
to send שָׁלַח
to forget שָׁכַח
to forgive סָלַח
to read, call קָרָא
this (m.) זֶה
this (f.) זֹאת
these (m. or f.)     אֵלֶּה
law תּוֹרָה
work מְלָאכָה
people עַם


The Demonstrative Pronoun and Adjective

The demonstrative pronoun has the function of focusing on something or pointing it out. In English, the demonstrative pronouns are:


this, that


these, those

The same words can also be used as demonstrative adjectives, where they will, like any adjective, add a bit of detail to the noun, specifying it and making it more notable. The demonstrative adjectives will also match the noun being so modified in number (and, in the case of Hebrew, of course, also they will match the gender).


Used as pronouns:

This is a good idea.
Where did he put these?

Used as adjectives:

This dog is hungry.
These children are quiet.

The Hebrew demonstrative pronouns and adjectives are:

this (masculine singular) זֶה
this (feminine singular) זֹאת
these (masculine or feminine plural)    אֵלֶּה


Please read pages 85-87 in Biblical Hebrew Step-by-Step.


1. Memorize the vocabulary and paradigms.

2. Do the Exercises on pages 88-89.

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