H372 -- The Reformation II -- The Reformation in Germany: Martin Luther

3 Units

5 CEUs

Course Outline

I. Prelude

II. Luther

III. Consequences

H372 -- The Reformation II

Purpose: An examination of the history of the Reformation. The general purpose of this course is to supply the student with a general knowledge of the events leading up to the Reformation and the major personalities involved.

Course Requirements: To accomplish the above mentioned goal the student will be required to read sections of the textbook listed below as well as the lectures attached to this syllabus. Then the student will be required to answer, in essay form, the questions found at the end of the lectures.

Time Requirements: H372 The Reformation II is designed to be completed in one quarter.


Aland, Kurt. The History of Christianity, Vol. 2.

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Both Sections Below Must Be Completed:

Lectures and Assigned Reading

Essay Questions