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Lesson 26: Contract Verbs


ἁγαπαω - I love    παρακαλεω - I exhort, I comfort
δηλοω - I show    περιπατεω - I walk around
εὐλογεω - I bless    ποιεω - I do , I make
εὐχαριστεω - I give thanks    σταυροω - I crucify
ζητεω - I seek    τηρεω - I do, I keep
θεωρεω - I behold    τιμαω - I honor
καλεω - I call    φιλεω - I love
λαλεω - I speak    

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

Contract verbs are verb whose stems end in α, ο, or ε. Because a connecting vowel is added to the stem when a verb is formed, these verbs undergo a change. The following table shows how the connecting vowel, when added to the vowel at the end of the stem, change:

Connecting Vowel:    ε  η  ει  ῃ  ο  ω  ου  οι  
Stem Vowel: ε  ει  η  ει  ῃ  ου  ω  ου  οι  
α  α  α  ᾳ  ᾳ  ω  ω  ω  ῳ  
ο  ου  ω  οι  οι  ου  ω  ου  οι  

I.e., when the connecting vowel is ε and the stem ends in ε, the resulting vowel is ει, etc.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the contract verb table above, and translate the following sentences.

1. ἐζητουου αὐτον οἱ πονηροι, ίνα θεωρωσι τα ποιουμενα ὑπ αὐτου.

2. ὁ μαθητης ἐλαλησεν ταυτα τοις περιπατουσεν ἐν τω ἱερω.

3. ὁ Ἰησους λεγει τω μαθητη, Σιμων φιλεις με;

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