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Lesson 25: The Imperative Mood


ἁγιαζω - I sanctify    πινω - I drink
θελω - I will, wish    σπειρω - I sow
οὐς - ear    ἀχρι - until
πριν - before    

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

The imperative mood appears in the New Testament in only the present and aorist tenses. There is no 1st person in the imperative mood. The 2nd person is translated as a command, and the third person with "let him..." etc.

The present active imperative of λυω is:

2nd    λυε    λυετε
3rd    λυετω    λυετωσαν

The present middle and passive imperative of λυω is:

2nd    λυου    λυεσθε
3rd    λυεσθω    λυεσθωσαν

The 1st Aorist active imperative of λυω is:

2nd    λυσον    λυσατε
3rd    λυσατω    λυσατων

The 1st aorist middle imperative of λυω is:

2nd    λυσαι    λυσασθε
3rd    λυσασθω    λυσασθωσαν

The 1st aorist passive imperative of λυω is:

2nd    λυθητι    λυθητε
3rd    λυθητω    λυθητωσαν

The Present Imperative of εἰμι is:

2nd    ἰσθι    ἐστε
3rd    ἐστω    ἐστωσαν

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the paradigms above and translate the following sentences.

1. ἁγιαζε το ἱερον του θεου

2. κυριε, καταβηθι πριν ἀποθανειν το παιδιον μου

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