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Lesson 23: Perfect Active and Middle Indicative

The Perfect Active Indicative of λυω is:

λελυκα - I have loosed    λελυκαμεν - we have loosed
λελυκας - you have loosed    λελυκατε - you have loosed
λελυκεν - he, she, it has loosed    λελυκασι - they have loosed

The perfect middle indicative of λυω is:

λελυμαι - I have loosed myself    λελυμεθα - we have loosed ourselves
λελυσαι - you have loosed yourself    λελυσθε - you have loosed yourselves
λελυται - he has loosed himself    λελυνται - they have loosed themselves

NOTE: The perfect is formed by adding a "reduplicating augment" to the stem. This reduplicating augment is formed by taking the first letter of the stem (or in certain cases a similar sounding letter) and adding it to ε at the front of the stem. Then, after the stem the endings are added, as before. For instance: λε+λυ+μαι ; the reduplication is λ added to ε, added to the stem λυ, and then the ending μαι, etc. See, it's very simple!

The perfect tense is used to show action completed in the past, but with results that last into the present. For example: λελυκα = I have loosed (and it remains loosed!). This tense is VERY important theologically, as the student will learn from translating it correctly in the New Testament.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the conjugations above.

The perfect active participle of λυω is:


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λελυκως    λελυκυια    λελυκος
Gen.    λελυκοτος    λελυκυιας    λελυκοτος
L.I.D.    λελυκοτι    λελυκυια    λελυκοτι
Acc.    λελυκοτα    λελυκυιαν    λελυκος


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λελυκοτες    λελυκυιαι    λελυκοτα
Gen.    λελυκοτων    λελυκυιων    λελυκοτων
L.I.D.    λελυκοσι    λελυκυιαις    λελυκοσι
Acc.    λελυκοτας    λελυκυιας    λελυκοτα

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the perfect active participle abov perfect middle participle of λυω is:


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λελυμενος    λελυμενη    λελυμενον
Gen.    λελυμενου    λελυμενης    λελυμενου
L.I.D.    λελυμενω    λελυμενη    λελυμενω
Acc.    λελυμενον    λελυμενην    λελυμενον


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λελυμενοι    λελυμεναι    λελυμενα
Gen.    λελυμενων    λελυμενων    λελυμενων
L.I.D.    λελυμενοις    λελυμεναις    λελυμενοις
Acc.    λελυμενους    λελυμενας    λελυμενα

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the perfect middle participle above, and translate the following sentences.

1. τα γεγραμμενα ἐν τω βιβλιω του νομου ἐστιν ἀγαθα

2. χαριτι ἐστε σεσωσμενοι δια πιστεως

3. οἱ βεβαπτισμενοι μαθηται εἰσιν ἐν τη ἐκκλησια

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