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Lesson 22: Aorist Passive Participles


ἁγιος - holy    ἐπιθυμια - lust, desire
λοιπος - remaining    συναγωγη - synagogue
μακαριος - blessed    σωτηρια - salvation

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary words above.

The aorist passive participle of λυω is:


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λυθεις    λυθεισα    λυθεν
Gen.    λυθεντος    λυθεισης    λυθεντος
L.I.D.    λυθεντι    λυθειση    λυθεντι
Acc.    λυθεντα    λυθεισαν    λυθεν


Masc. Fem. Neut.
Nom.    λυθεντες    λυθεισαι    λυθεντα
Gen.    λυθεντων    λυθεισων    λυθεντων
L.I.D.    λυθεισι    λυθεισαις    λυθεισι
Acc.    λυθεντας    λυθεισας    λυθεντα

To form the aorist passive participle, simply add the endings to the stem. All the other rules for participles learned earlier also apply here, except that these participive voice and not the active or middle. That is, the subject is passive in the action of the verb.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the tables above.

NOTE: One of the most frequent uses of the participle is what is called the "genitive absolute". A genitive absolute is a participle in the genitive case plus its noun or pronoun. These two words are independent of the main clause and thus are translated as independent clauses.

For example, a regular participial phrase is:

  • εἰπον ταυτα οἱ ἀποστολοι ἀπηλθον

  • "having said these things, the apostles went away".

A genitive absolute looks like this:

  • εἰποντων ταυτα των μαθητων οἱ ἀποστολοι ἀπηλθον

  • "The disciples having said these things; the apostles went away".

The participle, you see, with its noun is "absolute"; that is, loosed or seperated from the main part of the sentence, and hence is in the genitive case. Practice will make this construction quite clear to recognize and translate.

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the sentences below:

1. ἐπελθοντος του ἁγιου πνευματος ἐπ αὐτους ἐλαβον δυναμιν

2. μακαριος ἐστιν ὁ ἰδων την σωτηριαν του θεου

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