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Lesson 19: Third Declension Nouns


αἰων - eternal    πατηρ - father
ἀρχων - ruler    μητηρ - mother
ἐλπις - hope    θυγατηρ - daughter
νυξ - night    ἀρχη - beginning
σαρξ - flesh    ἀγγελια - message
χαρις - grace    κοινωνια - fellowship

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

Third declension nouns are irregular. They have irregular stems and irregular endings. The endings below are those COMMONLY used; but there are many, many others. What the student must do, therefore, is learn these basic endings and then learn to recognize these nouns when they occur, and that will only happen with practice!

These are the normal endings of the third declension:


masc/fem    neuter
Nom.    -ας (or none)    -none
Gen.    -ος    -ος
L.I.D.    -ι    
Acc.    -ν or -α    -none


masc/fem    neuter
Nom.    -ες    
Gen.    -ων    -ων
L.I.D.    -σι    -σι
Acc.    -ας    

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the normal 3rd declension noun endings above, and translate the following sentences:

1. ἐλπιδα οὐκ ἐχομεν ὁτι οὐ γινωσκομεν τον κυριον

2. ὁ λογος μου μενει εἰς τον αἱωνα

(NOTE: the definite article which comes before the normining case, gender and number)

This lesson is not quite over, dear student. Please continue on from here with what follows.


ἀναστασις - resurrection    ἁλιευς - fisherman
γνωσις - knowledge    ἀρχιερευς - high priest
δυναμις - power    βασιλευς - king
κρισις - judgment    γραμματευς - scribe
πιστις - faith    i(ereuj- priest
πολις - city    ἰχθυς - fish
στασις - dissension    σταχυς - grain

ASSIGNENT: Memorize the vocabulary above and translate the following sentences:

1. ἐσωθημεν τῃ χαριτι δια πιστεως

2. στασις ἐν τῃ ἐκκλησιᾳ ἐστι κακη


βαθος - depth    αἱμα - blood
γενος - generation    θελημα - will
ἐθνος - nation    ὀνομα - name
ἐθος - custom    πνευμα- spirit, or Spirit, or wind
ἐλεος - mercy    ῥημα- word
ὀρος - mountain        στομα - mouth
σκοτος - darkness    σωμα - body
τελος - completion    ὑδωρ - water

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above and translate the following sentences:

1. γινωσκομεν και το θελημα και την ἀγαπην του θεου

2. ἐγω μεν βαπτιζω ὑμας ἐν ὑδατι, ἐκεινος δε βαπτισει ὑμας ἐν τῳ πνευματι

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