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Lesson 18: Aorist Passive Indicative and Future Passive Indicative


ἐβληθην - I was thrown    ἐπορευθην - I went
ἐγενηθη - I became    ἠκουσθην - I was heard
ἐγνωσθην - I was known    ἐλειφθην - I was left
ἐδιδαξθην - I was taught    ἀπεσταλην - I was sent
ἐκηρυξθην - I was preached    ἐγραφην - I was written
ἐλημφθην - I was taken    ὠφθην - I was seen

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

The Aorist passive of λυω is:

ἐλυθην - I was loosed    ἐλυθημεν - we were loosed
ἐλυθης - you were loosed    ἐλυθητε - you were loosed
ἐλυθη - he, she, it was loosed    ἐλυθησαν - they were loosed

Note, that the aorist passive indicative is formed by placing the augment on the stem, and adding the aorist passive endings. I.e., ἐ+λυ+θην, etc.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the aorist passive indicative forms above.

The future, passive indicative of λυω is:

λυθησομαι - I shall be loosed    λυθησομεθα - we shall be loosed
λυθησῃ - you shall be loosed    λυθησεσθε - you shall be loosed
λυθησεται - he shall be loosed    λυθησονται - they shall be loosed

Note, again, that the future passive indicative is formed by taking the stem, adding the passive marker, and then adding the future endings; thusly, λυ+θη+σομαι, etc.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the future, passive indicative conjugation above, and translate the following sentences.

1. ἐδιδαξαθητε ὑπο των ἐν ἐκεινῃ τῃ ἡμερᾳ οἱ νεκροι ἐγερθησονται ται ἐν τῳ λογῳ του θεου

2. ταυτα ἐγραφη ἐν ταις γραφαις

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