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Lesson 17: 2nd Aorist Active and Middle Indicative


ἐβαλον - I threw    ἐλιπον - I left
εἰδον - I saw    ἐπαθον - I suffered
ἐλαβον - I took    πασχω - I suffer
ἠγαγον - I led    ἐπεσον - I fell
ἠνεγκον - I brought    ἐφαγον - I ate
ἐσξον - I had    

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above. The second aorist, like the first aorist, indicates completed action in the past. 2nd aorist verbs are very irregular, follow no particular pattern, and can only be recognized by the augment (as learned before) the unusual stem, and the endings.

The 2nd aorist active indicative endings are shown below:

-ν    -μεν
-ς     -τε
-none (or plain ν)    

The 2nd aorist middle endings are shown below:

-μην    -μεθα
-ου    -σθε
-το    -ντο

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the active and middle endings above. As the student can see, the 2nd aorist and the imperfect are identical in form. Only the context and the irregular stem can indicate whether the verb should be translated aorist or imperfect.

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the following sentences.

1. ἐγενοντο οἱ μαθηται του κυριου

2. και εἰδομεν τον κυριον και ἠκουσαμεν των λογων αὐτου

3. ταυτα εἰπετε ἡμιν ἐν τῳ ἱερῳ ἐκεινα δε ἐν τῳ οἰκῳ

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