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Lesson 16: First Aorist, Active and Middle, Indicative


ἠκουσα - I heard    ἐγραψα - I wrote
ἐβλεψα - I saw    ἐπεμψα - I sent
ἐδιδαξα - I taught    ἐβαπτισα - I baptized
ἐθεραπευσα - I healed    ἐσωσα - I saved
ἐκηρυξα - I preached    ἐδοξασα - I glorified

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

The First Aorist Active Indicative is a verbal action that is completed in the past. The vocabulary words above are all first aorist, active, indicatives, and the way they are translated are the way that all first aorist verbs are translated.

The form of the verb is obtained by doing the following:

1- add the augment ε (as in the imperfect verb learned earlier; and all the same rules apply as there) to the stem of the verb

2- add the endings of the first aorist active indicative as shown below:

-σα    -σαμεν
-σας    -σατε
-σε(ν)    -σαν

For example, if the stem is λυω-

ἐ+λυ+σα    ἐ+λυ+σαμεν
ἐ+λυ+σας    ἐ+λυ+σατε
ἐ+λυ+σεν    ἐ+λυ+σαν
All of which would be translated "I was loosed", etc.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the First Aorist Active Indicative endings above.

The first aorist middle indicative form is given below (with the stem of λυω):

ἐλυσαμην - I loosed myself    ἐλυσαμεθα - we loosed ourselves
ἐλυσω - you loosed yourself    ἐλυσαθε - you loosed yourself
ἐλυσατο - he loosed himself    ἐλυσαντο - they loosed themselves

The student will note that the augment and the stem remain, as above; but the endings change. These first aorist middle indicative endings must be learned.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the first aorist middle indicative endings above, and translate the following sentences:

1. ἐλυσεν ὁ κυριος τους δουλος αὐτου

2. ἐπεμψαμεν τα τεκνα ἐκ του οἰκου

3. οἱ μαθηται ἐδοξασαν του θεον και τον υἱον αὐτου

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