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Lesson 15: Future, Active and Middle, Indicative


ἀξω - I shall lead    γενησομαι - I shall become
ἀκουσω - I shall hear    γνωσομαι - I shall know
βλεψω - I shall see    ἐλευσομαι - I shall come, go
σωσω - I shall save    λημψομαι - I shall take

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

The future active indicative of luw is:

λυσω - I shall loose    λυσομεν - we shall loose
λυσεις - you shall loose    λυσετε - you shall loose
λυσει - he, she, it shall loose    λυσουσι - they shall loose

The future middle indicative of luw is:

λυσομαι - I shall loose myself    λυσομεθα - we shall loose ourselves
λυσῃ - you shall loose yourself    λυσεσθε - you shall loose yourself
λυσεται - he shall loose himself    λυσονται - they shall loose themselves

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the future active and middle indicative forms above.

As the student can see, the future simply adds σ to the stem of the verb, and the rest remains the same.

There are, unfortunately, exceptions to this simple rule which MUST be learned. They are as follows:

When a stem ends in-

λ, μ, ν, or ρ, the σ is dropped and the ω is accented. I.e., μενσω becomes μενω.

κ, γ, or χ before σ becomes ξ; thus ἀγω becomes ἀξω.

π, β, or φ become ψ. I.e, βλεπω becomes βλεψω.

τ, δ, or θ simply drop out. Thus πειθω becomes πεισω.

There are other peculiarities which can best be learned in practice.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the rules above.

The future, active, indicative of εἰμι is:

ἐσομαι - I shall be    ἐσομεθα - we shall be
ἐσῃ - you shall be    ἐσεσθε - you shall be
ἐσται - he shall be    ἐσονται - they shall be

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the future of εἰμι, above, and translate the following sentences:

1. αμαρτωλοι μεν ἐστε γενησεσθε δε υἱοι του θεου

2. τοτε γνωσονται ὁτι αὐτος ἐστιν ὁ κυριος

3. λημψεσθε και τα δωρα και τους οικους

4. αἱ ἡμεραι αἱ κακαι ἐλευσονται

5. εἰ πονηρος αλλ ἐσῃ ἀγαθος

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