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Lesson 13: Imperfect, Active, Indicative


ἀποθνησκω - I kill   νυν - now
ἀποκτεινω - I kill, destroy   ἐτι - yet, still
δεχομαι - I receive   οὐκετι - no longer
ἑτοιμαζω - I prepare   τοτε - then
θεραπευω - I heal   σκοτια - darkness
πιστευω - I believe   μεν…δε - on the one hand...on the other hand

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary words above.

The following is the conjugation of the imperfect, active, indicative of luw:

ἐλυον - I was loosing   ἐλυομεν - we were loosing
ἐλυες - you were loosing   ἐλυετε - you (pl) were loosing
ἐλυε - he, she, it was loosing   ἐλυον - they were loosing

The ε at the beginning of the word is called an augment, and it illustrates that this is a secondary tense that expresses past time. When a word begins with a vowel that vowel is lengthened thus:

α becomes η

ε becomes η

ο becomes ω

For example:

ἀκουω, becomes, in the imperfect, active, indicative, ἠκουον and ἐγειρω becomes ἠγειρον, etc.

ASSIGNMENT: Learn the endings of the imperfect, active, indicative as indicated above.

These endings are added to the stem of the verb, and ε is added as the augment (unless there is already a vowel beginning the word, in which case it is lengthened as demonstrated above).

The imperfect, active, indicative of εἰμι is as follows:

ἠμην - I was   ἠμεν - we were
ἠς - you were   ἠτε - you (pl) were
ἠν - he, she, it was   ἠσαν - they were

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the imperfect of εἰμι above.

The imperfect tense is used to indicate continuous action in past time; i.e., "I am loosing" (present tense); "I was loosing" (imperfect tense).

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the sentences below:

1. πονηροι ἠτε ἀγαθοι δε ἐστε

2. ὁ μεσσιας ἀπεστελλεν (note that when a preposition is attached to an imperfect verb, the prefix of the verb itself is changed, and not the preposition) ἀγγελους προς ἡμας

3. ἑν τώ κοσμώ ἡν και ὁ κοσμος οὐκ ἐγινωσκεν αὐτον

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