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Lesson 12: Deponent Verbs


ἀλλα - but ἐρχομαι - I come
ἀποκρινομαι - I answer   διερχομαι - I come through
ἀρχω - I rule   εἰσερχομαι - I enter
ἀρχομαι - I begin   ἐχερχομαι - I come out of
γινομαι - I become   κατερχομαι - I come down
πορευομαι - I go   συνερχομαι - I come with

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary words above.

Deponent verbs are verbs which appear in the middle or passive form (which have already been learned); but are translated as though in the active form. This makes it essential that the student know which verbs are deponent in form, so that they can be translated correctly. A clue: when verbs are listed in the dictionary as the vocabulary words are, with a middle/passive ending, they are deponent in form, and should be translated actively.

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the sentences below.

1. πορευομαι ἐκ του οἰκου και εἰς την ἐκκλησιαν

2. ὁ προφητης ἐξ ερχεται ἐκ του ἱερου

3. ὁ ἀνθρωπος γινεται ἀγγελος του κυριου

4. λυονται οὑτοι δουλοι ὑπο του κυριου

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