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Lesson 8 - Present, Passive, Indicative


ἀναγινωσκω - I read   θεος- God
βαπτιζω - I baptize   καρδια - heart
κηρυσσω - I preach, proclaim   κοσμος - world
μενω - I abide, remain   ὁδος - road, way
σωζω - I save, rescue   ιντεκνον - desert
τοπος - place   ζωη - life
φωνη - voice, sound   

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary list above. Notice that the list contains both verbs and nouns.

The passive verb, (the topic of this lesson) is used when the subject of the verb is being acted upon, rather than acting. For example:

λυω - I loose

λυομαι - I am being loosed

The following table shows the endings of the present, passive, indicative:

-μαι = I am being... -μεθα = we are being...
-ῃ = you are being.... -σθε = you (pl) are being...
-ται = he is being... -νται = they are being...
-σθαι = (infinitive)

These endings are added to the stem of the verb, and a connecting vowel is added (ο before μ or ν, ε before any other letter). For instance:

λυ-ο-μαι = I am being loosed    λυ-ο-μεθα = we are being loosed
λυ-ῃ = you are being loosed   λυ-ε-σθαι = you are being loosed (pl)
λυ-ε-ται = he is being loosed   λυ-ο-νται = they are being loosed
λυ-ε-σθαι= to be loosed

The student will notice quite clearly the stem of the verb lu, the connecting vowel, and the verbal ending. These must be memorized.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the endings and connecting vowels of the present, passive, indicative. Then take the vocabulary verbs at the beginning of this lesson and conjugate them all in the present, passive, indicative (as above).

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the following sentences:

1. οἱ οἰκοι λυονται ὑπο των πονηρων ἀνθρωπων

2. ὁ πιστος ἀδελφος σωζεται ὑπο του μαθητου του μεσσιον

3. ζωη ἀπο του υἱου μενει ἐν τοις δικαιοις ἀνθρωποις

4. ὁ ἀγαθος προφητης βαπτιζει τα τεκνα

5. ἀναγινωσκομεν την γραφην και γινωσκομεν την ὁδον ἀγαπης

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