B412 -- Old Testament History and Archaeology II

3 Units

5 CEUs

Course Outline

B412- The History of the Ancient Near East- From Joshua to Solomon

A. The Conquest and Settlement

1. Joshua and the Conquest

2. The Period of the Judges

B. The United Kingdom of David and Solomon

1. The Kingdom of David

a) Consolidation

b) Expansion

2. The Rule of Solomon

a) Building

b) Bureaucracy

Purpose: An examination of the history of the Ancient Near East from the time of Joshua through the time of Solomon. The general purpose of this course is to supply the student with the background necessary to study the Old Testament in its historical context.

Course Requirements: To accomplish the above mentioned goal the student will be required to read sections of the textbooks listed below and various segments of the Old Testament and other Ancient Near Eastern literature, as well as the lectures attached to this syllabus. Then the student will be required to answer, in essay form, the questions found at the end of the lectures.

Time Requirements: B412 Old Testament History and Archaeology II is designed to be completed in one quarter.


Allen, Clifton, ed. The Broadman Bible Commentary Vol 1, Nashville: Broadman, 1971. pages 1-100.

Keck, Leander, ed. The New Interpreter's Bible Vol. 1, pages 213-305.

May, Herbert. Oxford Bible Atlas

Pritchard, James. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1969.

Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples: An Informational DataBase from Excavations. Brandeis University, 1996.

As well as these, the student must have a Bible (preferably in a modern translation). Readings from the Bible will be assigned in the course of the lectures.

Books may be purchased through The Campus Bookstore.

Both Section Below Must Be Completed:

Lectures and Assigned Reading

Essay Questions