B212 -- Theology II

3 Units
5 CEUs

Course Outline

I. Patriology: Doctrine of the Father
II. Christology: Doctrine of the Son
III. Pneumatology: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
IV. Anthropology: Doctrine of Humanity

B212 -- Theology II

Purpose: Theology II is the second of three quarters covering an overview of Christian Theology, studied in a more or less systematic manner, concentrating on the nature and method of theological research: how to ask questions of the text and find answers.

Course Requirements: To accomplish the above mentioned goal the student will be required to read sections of the textbooks listed below and various segments of the Bible, as well as the lectures attached to this syllabus. Then the student will be required to answer, in essay form, the questions found at the end of the lectures.

Time Requirements: B212 Theology II is designed to be completed in one quarter.

Textbooks: Millard J. Erickson, Christian Theology. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House. 1985.

As well as this, the student must have a Bible (preferably in a modern translation). Readings from the Bible will be assigned in the course of the lectures.

Books may be purchased through The Campus Bookstore.

Both Sections Below Must Be Completed:

Lectures and Assigned Reading
Essay Questions