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Elementary Greek

1. Course Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of New Testament Greek grammar, and to build a foundation for further study of the Greek New Testament.

2. WARNING: A little knowledge is a DANGEROUS thing. The student should be warned in advance that completion of this course will NOT make him or her an expert in Greek. It will, however, give one the ability to translate simple sentences. For more advanced ability the student MUST pursue further studies.

3. Method: The student will be required to complete, and submit for evaluation ALL assignments made in this course. These assignments will be graded, and the student will receive those grades. Grading is an important part of the learning experience. It helps the instructor know where more reinforcement is needed, and it helps the student know areas of weakness and areas that need improvement.

4. Materials:The student will need to purchase a Greek New Testament with Dictionary.
       It is recommended, though not required, that the student also obtain Ray Summer's Essentials of New Testament Greek, Broadman Press, Nashville TN.
       Books are available from Amazon.com.
       The student might also find a flashcard program helpful for memorizing Greek vocabulary. Eric Miller has created such a program called Remata ("Remata" means "words" in Greek). It is available HERE.

5. Remarks: Finally, do not be overwhelmed or frightened off by the subject matter or the apparent "strangeness" of the material. Stick it out, and the rewards will be immeasurable. Take one step at a time, do not move to the next lesson until you are certain that you have mastered all of the previous ones, and remember that taking Greek is like washing an Elephant: it can only be done one spot at a time, but eventually you will finish the whole thing!

Below are the 31 lessons for Elementary Greek. Click on the lesson you want:

Lesson 1- The Greek Alphabet
Lesson 2- Accent Marks and other Matters
Lesson 3- Verbs: Present, Active, Indicative
Lesson 4- Nouns: Second Declension
Lesson 5- Nouns: First Declension
Lesson 6- Adjectives
Lesson 7- Prepositions
Lesson 8- Verbs: Present Passive Indicative
Lesson 9- Verbs: Present Middle Indicative
Lesson 10- Personal Pronouns
Lesson 11- Demonstrative Pronouns
Lesson 12- Deponent Verbs
Lesson 13- Verbs: Imperfect Active Indicative
Lesson 14- Verbs: Imperfect Middle and Passive Indicative
Lesson 15- Verbs: Future Active and Middle Indicative
Lesson 16- Verbs: First Aorist Active and Middle Indicative
Lesson 17- Verbs: Second Aorist Active and Middle Indicative
Lesson 18- Verbs: Aorist Passive Indicative and Future Passive Indicative
Lesson 19- Nouns: Third Declension
Lesson 20- Present Participles
Lesson 21- Aorist Active and Middle Participles
Lesson 22- Aorist Passive Participles
Lesson 23- Verbs: Perfect Tense
Lesson 24- The Subjunctive Mood
Lesson 25- The Imperative Mood
Lesson 26- Contract Verbs
Lesson 27- Pronouns
Lesson 28- Adjectives
Lesson 29- Verbs: The -μι conjugation
Lesson 30- The Article
Lesson 31- The Infinitive

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