Quartz Hill School of Theology

Spiritual Standards and Activities

       Quartz Hill School of Theology believes that because of its high view of the inspiration of the Scriptures and of the person and work of Jesus Christ, there should be an equally high level of practical Christian living. Too often the ministry today manifests the spirit of modern business. Its policies are sometimes guided more by self-interest, self-advancement, money, and numbers, than by the Holy Spirit. Deploring this trend, Quartz Hill School of Theology is placing a strong emphasis upon the center of Christian theology: love of God and love of neighbor. As Jesus said, on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets (Matthew 22:36-40; cf. Mark 12:28-33, Romans 13:9-10 and Galatians 5:14). The school believes that the church is a family, a supernatural, Spirit-powered organism, not a business. Quartz Hill School of Theology stresses the logical necessity for its faculty, staff, and students to live a consistent Christian life.
       Quartz Hill School of Theology seeks to lead its student body into a positive, dedicated, Spirit-filled life. It believes that Christians should not merely ask what they must give up for Christ, but what they can do for him. It therefore lays stress upon private devotion, prayer, witnessing, and wholehearted cooperation with other Christian workers.
       QHST believes that students are greatly benefited by undertaking various Christian service activities during the period of their training and expects each student to be actively engaged in some specific form of practical ministry.

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Quartz Hill School of Theology
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