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7. Science

       The courses in science are designed to give students a better understanding of the natural or general revelation of God and to demonstrate that there is no conflict between the Bible and Science: in fact, the more that is learned about the universe, the clearer is our understanding of the majesty of God.

S101-3 Introduction to Science
3 units

       An overview of the scientific method, experimentation, and a brief discussion of mathematics, astronomy, physics, biology, psychology, and chemistry.

S110-13 Basic Mathematics
3 units

       An overview of basic math.

S201-3 Algebra
3 units

       An overview of algebra, including solution of linear equations in one or two variables, graphing equations, factoring, working with radicals, and solution of quadratic equations.

S211-13 Geometry
3 units

       An overview of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry.

S221-23 Precalculus
3 units

       A standard course in college algebra and trigonometry.

S231-33 Calculus
3 units

       An overview of calculus, including basic analytic geometry, limits, differentiation, continuity, applications of derivative, definite integral and its application, derivation and integration of exponentials, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, improper integrals, polar coordinates, and infinite sequences and series.

S401-3 Introduction to Astronomy
3 units

       The class will study the solar, stellar, and galactic systems and the methods of measurement and observation in astronomy. Class will include observation.

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