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2. Pastoral Studies

       Courses in Pastoral Studies are designed specifically for those who intend to go into full-time ministry; a minimum of one year of Hebrew or Greek and the completion of B201-06 Bible Survey, B211-13 Theology, LR201 Logical Reasoning and Research, and B222-23 Apologetics (or professor's special permission) will be required to take any Pastoral Studies courses.

P251-53 Pastoral Ministries
3 units

       The course will focus on all aspects of the pastorate; class work will be combined with real life situations and problems.

P261-62 Sermon Preparation
3 units

       (Prerequisite B161 Exegesis and Hermeneutics) How to take the promptings of the Holy Spirit and turn them into something people will want to listen to. Includes a review of the principles of exegesis: what to do and what to avoid, i.e., common interpretive mistakes.

P271-3 Church Administration
3 units

       The business end of the church will be studied in this class: how to survive finances, church budgets, and business meetings; how to provide for staffing, facilities, and day-to-day functions.

P875-7 Church Education
3 units

       Developing and running a church Sunday School program.

P807-9 Church Finances
3 units

       Practical work on budgeting and organizing church finances.

P825 Church Music Ministry
2 units

       Running the music ministry of a church; song selection.

P862 Preaching and Teaching
3 units

       (Prerequisites - B161 Exegesis and Hermeneutics; B261-62 Sermon Preparation) Teaching and preaching in an actual church setting.

P281 Theology of Evangelism
2 units

       A theology of evangelism, its importance, and the biblical imperative.

P860 Practical Evangelism
3 units

       Participating in outreach into the local community and involvement in evangelistic meetings.

P691-93 Church Planting
4 units

       The student will be involved in beginning a new church.

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