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3. Languages

       Graduation with a degree from Quartz Hill School of Theology will require students to have a thorough knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. No one who works seriously with the Bible can afford to neglect the original languages.
       In addition to the biblical languages, students might also wish to take related ancient languages from the Near East, or modern languages such as Spanish and Signing Exact English.

L201-3 Elementary Hebrew
4 units

       An intensive introduction to the biblical Hebrew language. In the course of a year the student will learn to read and write the printed and script forms of the alphabet and will learn all the basic grammar. The last quarter will include translation work of a selected text.

L401-3 Intermediate Hebrew
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L201-3 Elementary Hebrew) An intensive course that will teach the student the fundamentals of translation and will involve extensive translation of Hebrew texts.

L601-3 Advanced Hebrew
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L401-3 Intermediate Hebrew) Extensive translation of the Old Testament.

L211-13 Elementary Greek
4 units

       Intensive study of biblical Greek; the student will learn the basics of the Greek grammar. During the last quarter the student will begin translating a selected New Testament text.

L411-13 Intermediate Greek
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L211-13 Elementary Greek) Extensive translation of the New Testament.

L611-13 Advanced Greek
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L411-13 Intermediate Greek) Extensive translation of the New Testament and an introduction to the Greek of the Septuagint.

L431-32 Biblical Aramaic
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L201-3 Elementary Hebrew) The student will learn Aramaic grammar and will translate all the Aramaic portions of the Old Testament.

L641-43 Introduction to Ugaritic
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L401-3 Intermediate Hebrew) The student will learn the alphabet and grammar of Ugaritic; some Ugaritic texts will be translated.

L651-53 Introduction to Akkadian
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L401-3 Intermediate Hebrew) The student will learn the syllabary and grammar of Akkadian, especially that of Neo-Babylonian. Akkadian texts will be translated.

L661-63 Introduction to Sumerian
4 units

       (Prerequisite - L651-53 Introduction to Akkadian) The student will learn the syllabary, logograms, and grammar of Sumerian. Sumerian texts will be translated.

L999 Seminar in a Selected Language
4 units

       (Prerequisite -- permission of the instructor) The student will study original texts in one of the following language areas: Hebrew, Greek, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, or Sumerian).

L791-3 Introduction to Epigraphy
3 units

       (Prerequisite L403 Intermediate Hebrew; L413 Intermediate Greek; recommended: Advanced Hebrew and Greek, Aramaic, and Elementary Akkadian) Seminar to examine texts in their original forms; emphasis will be on Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, though some exposure to other texts (Northwest Semitic, Egyptian and Mesopotamean) will be made. Students will learn how handwriting styles and scribal practices changed over time. Texts will be examined.

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