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8. Humanities

       The courses in Humanities will teach students how to express themselves in writing and music and will give them the theory behind such expression.

E101-3 English Composition
3 units

       An introductory course in writing clear, expressive prose.

E201-3 Semantics
3 units

       Analysis of the functions of languages in cultural contexts and the ways meaning is derived from symbols, words, and actions.

E251-53 Introduction to Linguistics
3 units

       Introduction to the study of language.

E301-3 Introduction to Literature
3 units

       Introduction to literary forms: fiction, poetry, drama; the student will read major works from the literatures of the world.

E105 Introduction to Music
3 units

       Introduction to various music types; history of music.

E205-7 Music Composition
3 units

       How to write musical compositions.

E999 Instruction in Music
3 units

       Learn to play a musical instrument: guitar, drums, or keyboard.

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