Quartz Hill School of Theology

Financial Information

On Campus Courses: Basic Fee: $200.00 per quarter unit

       There are three quarters in an academic year. A full time load for an average student would be 15 quarter units per quarter. The cost for each quarter for a full time student is therefore $3000.00. That works out to $9000.00 per year for a full time student.
       Total cost for a student to get a Bachelor of Theology Degree (a four year process for a full time student) would therefore be $36,000.00.
       We do not offer employment, housing, transportation, or cafeteria service.

Scholarships and Discounts

       We offer full scholarships to those who cannot afford to pay. We believe that finances should never stand in the way of anyone getting a religious education. Payment plans and discounts are also available. Discounts and scholarships are income-based.
       Students must pay according to their ability. If a student is unable to pay, he or she will be granted a QHST Scholarship and may attend for free. In order to keep the Scholarship, the student must demonstrate a serious intent to gain an education and maintain a reasonable grade point average. Remember, our primary philosophy is that finances should never stand in the way of someone getting an education.
       Students on Scholarship should review their finances each quarter to determine if they should remain on the Scholarship.

Online courses: Basic Fee: $200.00 per quarter unit

       No scholarships or any other discounts are available for External Studies' Students, since all the courses are freely available as shareware, with payment asked for only if the student wishes to receive academic credit.
       No degrees are offered for online courses.


       A refund of fees paid will be made only if a class is dropped within the first week of instruction.

Contact Details

Telephone: (661) 722-0891
Email: info@theology.edu
Website: www.theology.edu

Quartz Hill School of Theology
43543 51st Street West
Quartz Hill, CA 93536

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