Quartz Hill School of Theology


       The Quartz Hill School of Theology is located at 43543 51st Street West (on the corner of Avenue K and 51st Street West) inside Quartz Hill Community Church.

1. Library: The A.G. Whytal Library is housed in Quartz Hill Community Church and contains more than 10,000 volumes, plus periodicals. New books are constantly being added. Computers are available for student and faculty use.
2. WiFi: Free wifi is available campus-wide for students and faculty.
3. Classrooms: Classrooms are located in the facilities of Quartz Hill Community Church.
4. Student housing: QHST does not own or provide dormitories or other living quarters for students or their families. Each student is responsible for finding his or her own living quarters.
5. Food service: QHST does not provide food services.

Contact Details

Telephone: (661) 722-0891
Email: info@theology.edu
Website: www.theology.edu

Quartz Hill School of Theology
43543 51st Street West
Quartz Hill, CA 93536

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