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10. Education

       The courses in education are designed to give the student an understanding of the basic principles, methods, and theories of education; teaching doesn't just happen. It is both a skill and an art.

ED101 Survey of Christian Education
3 units

       A study of what Christian education is and its philosophical and historical backgrounds. A look at Christian education's origin, growth, and the people who contributed to making it what it is today.

ED201 Educational Psychology
3 units

       A study of the various psychological factors involved in the learning process.

ED301 The Educational Program in the Church
3 units

       An overview of the total educational ministries carried out by the local church in response to the teaching commission in Matthew 28.

ED311 Christian Education of Children
3 units

       A study of the total church program and its relation to the child with examples of departmental sessions and a special unit on evangelism of children and Vacation Bible School.

ED321 Christian Education of Youth
3 units

       A consideration of the principles, methods, and materials in youth work which develop effective Christian leadership in this ministry of the church. A program of Bible study, evangelism, worship, recreation, and stewardship designed to win and hold the adolescent is discussed.

ED331 Christian Education of Adults
3 units

       A study of the development of a sound program to meet the needs of the young adults, continuing adults, and senior adults in the church. Consideration is given to adult growth characteristics, objectives, evangelism, worship, recreation, fellowship, service, stewardship, literature, and organizations.

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