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B711 Ephesians

3 units

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to familiarize the student with the message and theology of the book of Ephesians (in the Greek text).

1. The purpose of this course is to involve the student in an in depth study of the Greek text of Ephesians. This will make it necessary to require that the student have completed Elementary and Advanced Greek Grammar.

2. The Textbook for this course will be the 2 volume Commentary on Ephesians by Markus Barth in the Anchor Bible Commentary series.

3. At the conclusion of the course the student will be required to submit a 5 page essay. Also, the student will be required to perform the assignments made during the course.

Barth's commentary is available from Amazon.com.

Prerequisite: The student undertaking this course must have completed both Elementary and Advanced Greek.

All Sections Below Must Be Completed:

Writing Assignment

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