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Bible Summary: B100

3 units


1. The Bible. (Preferably a modern translation such as the NIV)

2. Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart. How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1993

These books may be ordered from Amazon.com.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Bible Summary is a general overview of the entire Bible in a ten week course.


Week One: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 9-44, Genesis

Week Two: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 45-60, Deuteronomy

Week Three: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 61-93, 1-2 Chronicles

Week Four: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 94-112, Luke

Week Five: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 113-134, Acts

Week Six: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 135-148, Romans

Week Seven: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 149-164, Galatians

Week Eight: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 165-186, Ephesians

Week Nine: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 187-205, Revelation

Week Ten: Read Fee & Stewart, pp. 206-245, Proverbs

Written Assignment:

Please write a two paragraph (maximum) summary of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible.

Please Read Each of the Following Sections:

1. Introduction

2. How to Study the Bible

3. General Information about the Scriptures

4. Outline of the Bible

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