Purpose Statement

       Quartz Hill School of Theology is an academic institution designed to train believers for more effective ministry, both in and out of the church. QHST affirms that each believer is a priest before God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, not needing any human intermediary to reach God and competent to judge spiritual matters for him or herself.
       In accordance with the firm conviction of the faculty that the Bible in its entirety is the Word of God, Quartz Hill School of Theology stresses 1) a thorough knowledge of the Bible and related areas, 2) the importance of presenting the truth of the Bible in a meaningful and interesting fashion, and 3) the importance of spiritual power and vitality.
       For this reason, the curriculum centers around the original languages of the Bible: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. All students who earn a degree will also have learned a reading knowledge of the languages in which God originally put his Word. In addition, students will learn Bible exposition and Theology. The emphasis in all these basic studies is on methodology as well as content and application. To implement the application, the courses will usually be taught by people who have themselves had extensive experience in their areas of specialization, beyond simple academics.
       Students will be expected and encouraged to be actively engaged in some form of Christian outreach and ministry, thus applying for themselves those things that they are learning.
       In all its work, Quartz Hill School of Theology strives to be academically thorough, yet very practical in its approach to the Bible. Only after the student has thoroughly learned and digested the Word of God and applied it to him or herself, can he or she adequately reach others with its life-giving message.