Grading System

A 93-100 4 Excellent
B 84-92 3 Good
C 77-83 2 Average
D 70-76 1 Poor
F 0-69 0 Failing
NC - - Audited
I - - Incomplete
WP - - Withdraw Pass
WF - 0 Withdraw Fail
WP - -Withdrawing with a passing score. Has no effect on cumulative GPA
WF - -Withdrawing with a failing score. The 0 will be figured as part of the student's grade point average.
I - -An incomplete will be assigned only if the student has been unable to finish a course due to circumstances beyond his or her control. The incomplete must be made up within thirty days of the end of the quarter, unless special permission is granted by the instructor. If the course work is not made up within the allotted time, the incomplete will lapse to an F.